101 Reasons Why Your Instagram Account Isn’t Growing Up | How to Fix a Dead Instagram Account

Are You Struggling to Grow Your Instagram Account?

Maybe You’re Experiencing a Dip in Engagement? Chances Are, This Is Happening Because You’ve Done Something Wrong. in This Blog, I’ll Be Disclosing the Real Reason Why Your Instagram Account Is ‘Dead’ or Not Growing! Spoiler — It Isn’t Because Instagram Hates You!

  • Reasons Why Your Instagram Account Is Not Growing
  • The Reasons Why You’re Not Reaching People
  • The Reasons Why You Don’t Have an Engaged Audience.

#Reason №1: You Are Not Giving People A Reason To Follow You

When I Look at Their Account the Biggest and Most Common Thing That I Notice Is That They Are Not Giving Anyone a Reason to Follow Them.

  • Am I Gonna Get a Fashion Inspiration🚀
  • Am I Gonna Get Amusing Memes🚀
  • Am I Gonna Get Entertaining Reals🚀
  • Am I Going to Learn Something Are They Gonna Give Me 🚀
  • Updated News on My Industry.🚀

#Reason 2. You Are Breaking Instagram’s Guidelines:

The Next Reason Why You Might Not Be Growing Is That You’re Doing Something Which Is Against Instagram’s Guidelines:

  • Don’t Spread Hate Speech and 𓀀
  • You Know Don’t Post Nudes 𓀀
  • You Know Really Obvious Stuff 𓀀
  • I Don’t Get It Who Do I Share Your Content To.
  • I Don’t Know Because So Many Different People Are Interacting with You
  • That I Obviously Just Don’t I Can’t Categorize You Right
  • They Can’t Figure You Out.
  1. Because They Like Your Content They’re Just Following You
  2. Because They Feel Obliged

#Reason 3. Banned Hashtags:

Another Thing That You Might Be Doing in Regards to Breaking the Rules Without Realizing That You’re Breaking the Rules Is That You Might Be Using a Banned Hashtag.

How to identify Which Hashtags Are Banned?

Right Now It Doesn’t Seem to Tell You Anymore Instead the Only Way You Can Tell That It’s Banned Is That It Doesn’t Have a Follow Button.

#Reason4. Not Being Social:

So Another Reason Why You Might Not Be Growing and Your Account Just Might Be Kind of Like on the Point Right Decline Is Because You’re Not Being Social So Right Say It with Me Instagram Is a Social Media Platform

#Reason5. You Don’t Understand Instagram’s Algorithm:

So Another Reason Why You Might Be Struggling to Grow Is Quite Simply Because You Don’t Actually Understand How Instagram Works:

#Reason 6. Call To Action (CTA):

#Reason7. Not Coming Across As Genuine:

Next Reason Why You Might Be Struggling to Grow on Instagram or You Feel Like Your Instagram Account Needs Fixing:



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Altamash Momin

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