101 Reasons Why Your Instagram Account Isn’t Growing Up | How to Fix a Dead Instagram Account

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#1. You Are Not Giving People A Reason To Follow You.

#2. You Are Breaking Instagram’s Guidelines.

#4. Not Being Social.

#5. You Don’t Understand Instagram’s Algorithm.

#6. Call To Action (CTA).

#6. Not Coming Across As Genuine.

Are You Struggling to Grow Your Instagram Account?

Maybe You’re Experiencing a Dip in Engagement? Chances Are, This Is Happening Because You’ve Done Something Wrong. in This Blog, I’ll Be Disclosing the Real Reason Why Your Instagram Account Is ‘Dead’ or Not Growing! Spoiler — It Isn’t Because Instagram Hates You!

So If You’ve Ever Asked Yourself ‘Why Is My Instagram Account Not Growing If You’re Keen to Learn How to Increase Engagement on Instagram 2022, Learn How to Get Organic Growth on Instagram, How to Fix a Dead Instagram Account or You Just Want to Know What the Biggest Instagram Mistakes Are to Ensure You Avoid Them in the Future.

  • Reasons Why Your Instagram Account Is Not Growing
  • The Reasons Why You’re Not Reaching People
  • The Reasons Why You Don’t Have an Engaged Audience.

All of That Stuff I’m Going to Basically Help You Fix Your Instagram Account

When People Message Me and They’re Like I Don’t Get It Why Am I Not Growing

I Should Be Growing by Now What’s Going on.

#Reason №1: You Are Not Giving People A Reason To Follow You

When I Look at Their Account the Biggest and Most Common Thing That I Notice Is That They Are Not Giving Anyone a Reason to Follow Them.

So a Lot of the Time It Might Be a Brand Account That Is Purely Sharing Photos of Their Products and Being Like Hey You Know Buy This or This Is the Features of My Products.

or It’s Like a Creative Account Where It’s Like Selfies of Them and That’s Kind of It Right

So No Hate Again I’ve Made Some of These Mistakes Before.

So the Issue with Setting Up Your Account This Way and the Reason Why You Are Having Trouble Growing Is.

Because People Have Absolutely No Reason to Follow You.

So Instagram Is Changing It’s Not the Same as What It Used to Be Back in the Day.

Where If You Found an Account Where You Purely Liked Their Aesthetic That Would Be Enough for Them to Grow 10 000 Followers a Day.

Whilst Your Aesthetic Is Still Important I’ll Come on to That Later.

It Is No Longer Enough Just to Have a Good Aesthetic or Just to Share Photos of Your Products or Just to Share Photos of Yourself.

It’s Unfortunately It’s No Longer Enough We Demand More from People

Now When I Say We I Say Like the Instagram Users We Demand More Right What’s Important to Remember.

When You’re Reviewing Your Profile and Thinking Am I Giving People a Reason to Follow Me as a Species We Tend to Be Quite Selfish People.

So I Want You to Put Your Mind on Your Ideal Audience or Your Ideal Follower Right.

They’re Browsing the App and a Lot of the Time They’re Subconsciously Thinking When They Land on a New Profile.

He’s Like Hmm What Am I Going to Get from This That Might Sound So Harsh and There Are So Many Goods Like There Will Be.

So Many Amazing People Watching This Like I Don’t Think That but a Lot of People Do Think That They Go Through Even If It’s Subconsciously and They Look at People’s Content and They’re Like What Can I Get from This.

  • Am I Gonna Get a Fashion Inspiration🚀
  • Am I Gonna Get Amusing Memes🚀
  • Am I Gonna Get Entertaining Reals🚀
  • Am I Going to Learn Something Are They Gonna Give Me 🚀
  • Updated News on My Industry.🚀

Are They Going to Give Me Tips and Tricks on How I Can Grow My Youtube Channel What Am I Getting from This Account and If That Is Not Completely Clear

Either Through Your Bio or for Your Content or Whatever the Features You’re Using to Communicate. 🌍

What Your Value Is There’s a Big Chance People Will Not Follow You.

People Don’t Follow Accounts Poorly Because They Just Want to See People’s Selfies.

I’m Sure There’s an Exception to That Rule but in a Nutshell, People Want to Gain Something from You

So If You’re Not Growing I Want the First Thing for You to Do Is to Look at Your Account and Ask Yourself What Value Is Someone Getting from This Page.

If You Do Not Know Then I Recommend You Spend Some Time Trying to Figure it Out.

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#Reason 2. You Are Breaking Instagram’s Guidelines:

The Next Reason Why You Might Not Be Growing Is That You’re Doing Something Which Is Against Instagram’s Guidelines:

So This Might Sound Like a Really Obvious One.

But I Feel Like There Are Some Things That You Might Be Doing That You Might Not Even Realize Are Against Their Guidelines.

So There Are the Basic Community Guidelines Which I’ll Put a Link to the Article.

Where You Can Read Them All but They’re Really Obvious Things Like You Know

  • Don’t Spread Hate Speech and 𓀀
  • You Know Don’t Post Nudes 𓀀
  • You Know Really Obvious Stuff 𓀀

But Then There Are Other Things Like Using a Third-Party App.

Which Is Not Approved by Instagram and a Lot of People Think That’s Any Third-Party App Which Isn’t There Are Third-Party Apps Like Paneling or Later.

You Can Guess and Assume That They Are Actually Not Approved by Instagram and You Shouldn’t Be Using Them Right Other Things That Might Be Restricting Your Growth.

Things Like Engagement Pods or Engagement Groups or Follow Trains Are All Different Words or Methods for Basically Getting Fake Engagement and Fake Followers but Not in an Artificial Sense.

So People Think That They’re Not Breaking Overall

Because They Haven’t Purchased Followers or They Haven’t Purchased Likes Instead They’ve Joined an Engagement Group Where in Order for Them to Get X Amounts of Likes They Need to Engage with X Amount of People’s Content.

So They Have to Like 10 Photos and Then They Get 10 Likes Now the Issue with These Is That Even Though It Comes Across as a Really Genuine Way to Increase Your Engagement.

Because It’s Not Artificial We Haven’t Purchased Anything Is That It’s Still Actually Not Real.

You’re Only Getting Engagement in Response to Giving Engagement Out but More Than That and the Biggest Issue Is That It Messes with Instagram’s Algorithm.

How They Categorize Your Content

If You’re Engaging with a Bunch of People Who Aren’t Related to Who You Don’t Usually Engage with or You’re Getting a Bunch of People from Different Niches, Different Backgrounds, and Different Content Categories. 🌍

All Engaging with Your Content Instagram Is Going to Find It Really Difficult to Categorize You.

Who You Are It Will Be Like I Don’t Get What Your Content’s About.

  • I Don’t Get It Who Do I Share Your Content To.
  • I Don’t Know Because So Many Different People Are Interacting with You
  • That I Obviously Just Don’t I Can’t Categorize You Right
  • They Can’t Figure You Out.

So That’s Another Reason Why Those Types of Engagement Pods and That Type of Stuff Just Don’t Really Work

Follow Trains and Anything Like That Yeah You Might Not Be Buying Followers but You’re Gaining Followers Who Aren’t Following You.

  1. Because They Like Your Content They’re Just Following You
  2. Because They Feel Obliged

What That Means Is That You End Up with a Bunch of Inactive Accounts That Aren’t Engaging with Your Content

They’re Basically Just Dead They’re Not Gonna Help You Grow They’re Just Gonna Sit There and Ruin Your Engagement Rate

#Reason 3. Banned Hashtags:

Another Thing That You Might Be Doing in Regards to Breaking the Rules Without Realizing That You’re Breaking the Rules Is That You Might Be Using a Banned Hashtag.

Now You’re Probably Thinking These Are Really Obvious Hashtags Like Offensive Hashtags.

but They’re Not Like Sometimes They’re Really Simple Hashtags.

What You Never Would Have Guessed Would Be Banned.

I’m Pretty Sure Like Hashtag Love Was Banned at One Point or Beauty Blogger.

I Don’t Know If It Still Is but Hashtag Beauty Blogger Was Banned at One Point.

Which I Reckon Tripped Up a Lot of Accounts Because No One Would Have Guessed That That Would Have Been Banned Right.

So the Way in Which You Could Tell If a Hashtag Is Banned Has Changed and I Would Guess That It’s Probably Going to Continue Changing.

Previously You Could Search a Hashtag and a Notification Would Pop Up Which Said This Hashtag Is Being Restricted by Instagram.

So Instagram Would Literally Tell You This Hashtag Is Banned.

How to identify Which Hashtags Are Banned?

Right Now It Doesn’t Seem to Tell You Anymore Instead the Only Way You Can Tell That It’s Banned Is That It Doesn’t Have a Follow Button.

So When You Go on Instagram and You Search for a Hashtag a Follow Button Usually Comes Up Which Allows You to Follow the Hashtag Right.

So the Hashtag Content Appears on Your Home Screen.

But, Now If a Hashtag Is Banned the Follow Button Won’t Come Up Because Obviously, Instagram Doesn’t Want You to Follow the Hashtag.

they’re Restricting the Content but They’re Just Not Being as Straightforward or as Upfront About It.

As They Used to Be So That’s a Really Key Tip That I Want to Share with You Go Through Your Hashtags and Double-Check Which Ones You’re Using Because If You Are Using Banned Hashtags That Is a Big Reason Why You Might Not Be Growing.

#Reason4. Not Being Social:

So Another Reason Why You Might Not Be Growing and Your Account Just Might Be Kind of Like on the Point Right Decline Is Because You’re Not Being Social So Right Say It with Me Instagram Is a Social Media Platform

It’s a Social Media Network It’s Whatever You Want to Call It It Literally Has the Clue in the Title, It Is a Social Platform It Is for Being Social.

So If You’ve Created an Account and You Just Think I’m Fine This Is Gonna Absolutely Fly and Grow Because the Content I’m Sharing Is So High Quality That the Followers Are Just Gonna Come. 🌍

Whilst for a Few Small People That Might Be Enough for the Majority of Us We Can’t Sit Back and Just Wait for All of This to Come to Us.

We Need to Be Out There and Giving Engagement to Others If We Ever Want to Expect to Receive Some Engagement Back.

So I Want You Today If You Can You Know If You’ve Got Some Spare Time Spend the Next Half an Hour Engaging with Your Followers.

If You’re Looking for Some Inspiration as to What You Should Do During This Engagement Session or Routine.

#Reason5. You Don’t Understand Instagram’s Algorithm:

So Another Reason Why You Might Be Struggling to Grow Is Quite Simply Because You Don’t Actually Understand How Instagram Works:

There Is So Much Value in Understanding the Algorithm Which Runs Instagram

When You Get to the Stage Where You Fully Understand the Algorithm.

How It Works It Massively Impacts How You Posts.

Basically Becomes Your Guiding Light Between How You Manage and Interact on the Platform.

#Reason 6. Call To Action (CTA):

So the Next Reason Why Your Account Might Not Be Growing Is That You’re Not Actually Asking Anyone to Follow You

Which Might Sound Weird You Might Be Like I’m Not Gonna Ask People They Should Just Do It.

But Unfortunately, People Don’t If You Don’t Ask You Do Not Receive.

So What I’m Referring to Here Is a Thing That We Call to Actions or in Marketing Language, It’s a Cta.

That’s the Abbreviations and Ask Marketers Love a Good Abbreviation 🌍

Literally, Some Copy Asking Someone to Do Something.

How That Relates to This Tip Is That a Lot of the Time People Don’t Include a Call to Action in Their Captions

Sometimes I’ll Use the Call to Action Follow Me for More Tips and Tricks Because I Know That a Lot of People Who View That Reel Will Be People Who Don’t Necessarily Follow Me.

I Know That Reals Are Great at Reaching a New Audience and Therefore I Want to Make Sure That I’ve Got My Opportunity to Say Hey New Audience Follow Me For Anyone Out There Who Is Experiencing You Know Reels. 🐞

Which Are Getting Picked Uploads Well Done That Might Be the Real Game-Changing Tip for You.

What You’re Getting Lots of Reaches but You’re Not Converting Them.

Maybe That’s Because You’re Not Asking for Them to Actually Follow You.

You Know Quarter Actions Don’t Always Have to Follow Me Type Call to Action

Sometimes They Could Be Things Like Comment Below or They Could Save This for Later 🌍

Whatever It Is as Long as You’re Encouraging Some Form of Activity or Some Form of Action It’s Going to Help You on Your Growth Journey.

If You’re Just Asking for Engagement the More Engagement You Get the Better It Looks in Instagram’s Algorithm Eyes and You Know the Easier It’s Going to Be for You to Grow.

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#Reason7. Not Coming Across As Genuine:

Next Reason Why You Might Be Struggling to Grow on Instagram or You Feel Like Your Instagram Account Needs Fixing:

Because You’re Not Coming Across as Genuine

It’s Like a Really Awkward Thing to Say to Someone Thank God I’m Just Talking to a Phone and Not to Actual People.

the Thing Is About Instagram and Just Every Social Media Platform or Just Everything Like Marketing Branding All of It

People Like to Engage with Accounts Get Engaged with Brands and Engage with Content Creators

Who Is Genuine and Who Comes Across as Relatable If Your Entire Instagram Marketing Strategy Is Purely Based on What You Can Get from Others Rather Than What You Can Provide or What Others Can Get from You.

You’ll Find That Actually, Your Content Is Going to Come Across as Not Genuine at All.

What Happens Is That People Can See Completely Through That They Will Land on Your Account They Might Follow You and Then Eventually They’ll Start to Think I Feel Like This Brand Account All They Want Is to Get Money from Me

All They Want Is for Me to Click on Their Affiliate Link.

That’s All They Want from Me. 🐞

I Am Dispense Dispensable Dispensable

I Think That’s Right and They Can Get Rid of Me at Any Moment They Don’t Need Me You Know They Purely See Me as Like Transactional.

That’s How They See Our Relationship

What Makes Them Feel That Way Is What They Want to Do Is to Engage and Follow an Account.

Where They Feel Like There’s a Bit of a Two-Way Relationship There That Yeah They’re Giving That Account Their Time Their Engagement Maybe Even Their Money but in Return, They’re Getting Entertained They’re Getting Inspired They’re Getting Supported.

They’re Just Getting Something from Them and That Kind of Leads Back to My First Point About What Are You Giving Others. 🌍

What Is Your Reason People Have to Follow You?

So Look at Your Page and Ask Yourself Okay Is All of My Content Just Centered on Me I Me and What I Want from Someone Else Is Every Photo a Hashtag Ad Does Every Photo Relate to an Affiliate Link Is Every Single Photo a Photo of My Product and with the Call to Action Shop Now Just Ask Yourself Those Questions and If You’re Really Stuck on This.

Then I Do Offer Audits Which Basically Allow You to Get a Third-Party Opinion That Opinion Being Mine and It Will Basically Give You a Full Analysis of Every Element of Your Account.

If You Don’t Want to Go Down That Route Then Just Get Your Friend Get Someone Who You Can Trust Get a Work Colleague or Get a Stranger to Ask Them to Follow You and Provide Their Advice on Your Account.

Specifically, Arcs Do This Come Across as It’s Been Run by Someone Who Is Genuine and Sees What They Say. 🌍

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