13 Different Types Of Schema Markup! How To Boost Website Traffic Using Schema Markup? What Is Rich Snippet?

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Homeschema markup 13 Different Types Of Schema Markup! How To Boost Website Traffic Using Schema Markup? What Is Rich Snippet?

13 Types Of Schema Markup Step By Step Guide For Beginners

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Today we will talk about what is Schema markup in SEO. Your All Doubt About Schema Markup will Be Solve After Reading This Article. We Also Cover 13 Types OF Schema Markup With Examples.

Definition of schema markup:

Schema.org (Often Called Schema) Is A Semantic Vocabulary of tags (or microdata) that you can add to your HTML, to improve The Way Search Engine Read And Represent Your Page In Google Search Engine Result Pages(SERP).

What Is Schema Markup?

A form of microdata that once added to a webpage creates an enhanced description, commonly known as a rich snippet in search results.

It Convert Unstructure Data To Structure Data.

Why To Implement Schema Markup?

Almost every search engine including google yahoo and bing uses it as a standard for showing search results.

The user is able to see details of your page at a glance which helps them decide whether to click-through rate or move on for more relevant search results.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an SEO hack, it’s a staple that helps Google search engines find and display your content.

Research shows that by implementing schema markup, you can get 30% increase in your click-through rates that is CTR,

What types of schema markups are there?

13 different types of schema markup most used in websites and blogs.

1. Organisation schema markup :

It clarifies the company introduction and Includes:

Which shows information about an individual such as name, birthday, address, education, and family members.

This helps give you the shorts and skinny of a company right off the bat without having to dig around to try and find basics.

2. Local business schema markup :

The local business schema markup is great for local companies or local branches of an organization.

It helps consumers find:

3. Product & offer schema markup

This is used to sell a specific item of a service or a product. It shows info like

This will help users compare you with your competitor

4. Breadcrumbs schema markup:

Breadcrumbs schema markup lists the path links that lead to the current page.

It helps users to see their location and helps reduce bounce rates.

5. Article schema markup:

Schema article markup is most commonly used for news and blog posts.

It makes it easier for search engines to understand the content pulling in the headlines, the time it was published, a featured image, and something even a video.

Helps Google crawl & index videos on websites.

It provides additional information for scheduled events such as date location and price in search results.

8. Recipes Schema Markup:

Recipe, which is meant for recipe websites are shown as rich snippets just like this one, and last but not the least, ratings and reviews, which helps get useful buyer information right out front without the user having to visit your website.

9. Personal market schema markup

It shows info about the individual:

10. Review schema markup

While buying any product online what one look for first are the reviews.

This schema will let you know about the rating of services/products.

Lists the path links that lead to the current page.

11. Restaurant schema markup.

12. Movies schema markup.

Above are some of the most popular uses of schema.

After adding these markup to your site, they allow a search engine to understand what product/ services or information your site has.

There are just three different encoding types of schema markup you can use:

Semrush does a great job breaking it down for an average marketer to understand this schema markup, a link to this tool would be given in the description below, so be sure to check it out.

And coming back, as a marketer, it is important for you to understand that RFDA and microdata are older ways to write schema

On the other hand, JSON-LD is a preferred method of adding structured data to your website.

Because it’s the easiest to understand as well as to implement into the code of your website.

Does schema improve your search ranking?

According to a study by ACM queue, less than one-third of google search results include a rich snippet with schema.org mark-up.

This exposes a huge opportunity for the rest

very few things in SEO, today, can move the dial quickly.

How does schema markup affect SEO?

The search engine will be able to serve users better by churning out the structured data they have gathered into their search results page- usually in the form of rich snippets.

The Right schema code helps the average searcher by showing the schema event dates and location right on the search results page.

You can click on the specific event date and/ or location that you want to attend.

How to check schema on the website?

1. Find with structured markup tools

2. So to the website view page source code [ctrl+u] or right-click on the website or

click on view page source then search for schema.org using ctrl+f

Benefits of schema markup

Right Schema markup powers rich snippets, which often have a higher click-through rate (ctr) than “regular” search results.

That means more traffic to your site.

Importance of schema markup in SEO!

What is featured snippets?

Featured snippets are selected search results that are featured on top of Google organic results.

Below the ads in a box, featured snippet aim at answering the user’s question right away (hence their other well-known name, “answer box”).

Being featured means getting additional brand exposure in search results.

Here are two studies confirming the claim:

Once it’s placed in an answer box, revenue from organic traffic increases by 677%.

Different tools for schema validation;

1. Https://search.google.com/test/rich-results

2. Https://validator.schema.org/

why schema markup is important?

Schema markup helps your website rank better in search engines and increases your website ctr.

It helps search engine algorithms to show your results in better way.

Add schema markup to your WordPress website!

Schema markup is one of the most powerful but least utilized forms of SEO available.

Knowing how to use the schema concept can result in users getting more informative results on the search engine result page.

There are two different ways to add schema to your website:

1. Manually placing the code.

2. Using google tag manager.

How to implement schema:

Step1: in your WordPress dashboard go to:

appearance> theme editor

Step 2: from the theme files on the right select: “header.php”

Step 3: paste the schema function code before the closing of the “head tag”

Step 4: look for the want to add schema to and edit.

Then go to panel> custom fields.

Step 5: look for “add custom fields” and enter the following in the new field selection:

then verify your schema using a structured data tool.

You will find schema types and any errors here.

What is the schema builder?

Free tools for structured data schema markup generation, testing and deployment- Schema.dev

Schema Markup is especially important in the age of Hummingbird and Rankbrain.

how a search engine interprets the context of query will determine the quality of a Search Results.

The longest path from node x to the leaf node?

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