5 Reasons For Facebook Ad Account Bans So You Can Avoid Them! Mark Zuckerberg Latest News About Facebook

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5 Reasons For Facebook Ad Account Bans So You Can Avoid Them!

Here are a couple of things that could get you a one-way ticket to Facebook ad ban-city

Facebook ad guidelines and policies can be something a lot of people skip or miss to read, but it is so important to be informed on what may go against their guidelines, to avoid finding yourself with a banned ad account, or worse a banned business manager 😫

Here are a few of the most common reasons I’ve heard people have their ad account banned:

1. Using Before and After Photos in a promoted Post or Facebook Ads (even if its something Small)

Starting with hands down THE most common reason I find people have had their account banned is that they promoted before & after images. This problem stemmed from businesses promoting before & after weight-loss pictures, but now even if it is something as small as a spray tan, you absolutely cannot promote before & after. ❌

2. Poor Quality Landing pages/ websites that does not provide good user experience or accurately represent the Facebook ads

Using a poor-quality landing page/website to send traffic to. Make sure where you are sending people to from your ad accurately represents what you are promoting and provides a good user experience, otherwise Facebook will pick up on this.

3. Using low-quality creatives that don’t meet Facebook ad guidelines.

Such as using too much text over photos, using low-quality images that don’t show what you are trying to promote, or using clickbait images or copy to encourage clicks.

4. Using ad copy that contains content asserting or implying personal attributes such as age, gender, sexual preference, financial situation etc.

If you are unsure about this, I strongly recommend reading the Facebook ad guidelines which show more examples.

5. Promoting prohibited products such as Tabacco related products, adult products, weapons or dangerous goods.

5 Tips To Scaling Your Facebook Ads

What’s up marketers in today’s Article I’m going to give you my five tips for scaling your Facebook ads in 2022.

Be sure to stay around number five because this is the biggest suggestion and tip that i have for brands that want to scale really rapidly this year.

1. Number one is increasing your creative production along with your scaling budgets:

One of the most common mistakes I see a lot of brands making is they start scaling their budgets but they’re also not scaling up the quantity of creativity.

Content that they’re testing and the variety of creative content that they’re testing, think about it.

When you have lower budgets, facebook is literally getting the low-hanging fruit of people that want to buy from your brand.

That’s just a fact, so when you start actually scaling up your Facebook ads you’re gonna have to start having multiple messages and multiple images and multiple strategies.

So that you can start reaching a wider variety of people.

That’s why creative strategy is so, so important for brands that want to scale.

Because you actually have to think more about scalable content.

So think about it, you actually have to create content that’s going to be appealing to a broader audience.

So instead of creating content just for teachers

just for doctors

just for moms

what you’re gonna have to think about is what is the broadest value prop that your product holds

And really try to optimize for that specific message.

This is also why I test my creatives on a broad audience for scaling brands.

Because I ultimately want to make sure that the creative strategies that I’m testing and scaling into the core prospecting campaigns are the most scalable content.

Because they’re being tested on that broad audience.

2. Number two is to keep your structure simple:

To avoid wasted spending, a simple structure is going to allow you to identify what is working a lot more clearly.

Therefore, you’re going to be able to identify what to scale and what not to scale. Frankly, too many campaigns and too many ad sets is not going to be a good foundation for scaling and you’re going to be spreading the algorithm too.

Thin so that you’re not actually going to be gaining learnings on those ad sets

In those campaigns, simply put, playing with small-scale ad set budgets is going to be constantly.

Keep your ad sets and learning.

This means that it’s not fully optimized to scale

And this ties back a little bit into the first part about scaling up your creative strategy and scaling up your creative production and trying to develop creativity.

That actually appeals to a broader audience.

One of the most common things that I see when working with Facebook ad accounts that are starting to scale is they start finding more wins and broader audiences.

And they’re scaling up those broader audiences and tinkering around with the interests and the looks like becomes a lot less of their day-to-day. When managing the ad account.

3. Number three is going to seem super obvious.

But when you see something working, increase your budget and I would suggest that in the beginning.

If you are new to Facebook ads or your brand is new to Facebook ads

I would not throttle that budget too much.

I would go ahead and increase by 20 and what Facebook actually says is that it’s not going to throw your campaigns and your ad sets into learning if you increase or decrease by this amount.

But if you go out beyond that, you’re likely to throw your campaigns back into learning.

So if you’re a newer brand again and you have those smaller budgets.

I would take a slower approach while again making sure that you are scaling up your creative production and your testing.

A wide variety of ad creatives as you’re starting to scale up and this goes the same.

For when you see something not working go ahead and turn that off but don’t turn it off too quickly.

I like to let my ad sets that are testing creatives run for at least one week.

Now, the budget of those is going to depend a lot on the cost of your product.

Your current CPA but a really decent rule of thumb is that

if you see something spending and it’s spent about three times your normal CPA and Facebook and it hasn’t had a purchase yet then

That’s when I would go ahead and turn it off.

4. have goals and targets for not only your CPA so your cost per purchase but also for your budget:

I think one of the hardest things that you can do as a business owner or as someone directing a media buyer is to just tell them to scale up.

As long as the results are good, there are a few reasons why this is a problem statement.

I’ve actually been in this situation before where we scaled up really rapidly and we got amazing results.

But then the company couldn’t actually fulfil the promise of the product, and they had to shut down ads and production of their product for several months.

Which actually put their business way far behind what that business should have done is.

They should have told me and my team, hey we have the current production capacity to 3x or ad spend with this certain amount of CPA.

That’s something that we could have more easily optimized for, I often find, too.

That you’re more likely to actually reach your scaling goals.

If you create a budget for scaling instead of just saying oh if I get a two-row rise.

Then I’m gonna scale to the moon or I’m gonna scale as much as i can.

Instead, if you say hey you know what, I’m at 10k of ad spend per month.

Right now I want to make it to 50k by the end of the year, that’s actually a much more logical plan.

Because you’re going to be able to figure out what type of creative production you’re going to need to actually support.

That type of scale and you’re going to be able to make a scaling plan based on that number

i just so often see when brands say scale as long as results are good.

They don’t actually scale because they’re too busy playing the optimization game at that low level.

My number one tip for brands that want to scale rapidly, I think many of you are not going to like this

It’s going to make a lot of you uncomfortable, but that is to scale and then optimize for that ad spend.

What this looks like is it’s in some cases 2x and 3x and even 4x in your overall budget and then optimizing from that point to get that CPA.

Now, I’ve worked with several brands.

That had really aggressive scale goals and our suggestion to them.

It was actually instead of going piece by piece scale optimized sometimes bringing down the budget.

When results weren’t quite there, we just remain recommended to scale overnight.

There are some interesting things that I’ve seen that tend to happen often

5. Number one, the Facebook algorithm actually does tend to reward people who spend more.

Even though you’re not increasing by that 20 mark.

I suggested earlier, really again that’s for people who are spending less.

Really just getting started and not super comfortable with the platform.

But if you have a team of media buyers or you yourself are a media buyer or you’ve been doing the Facebook ads.

Things for a while, and you have the production capacity behind you to support that scale.

I highly recommend just 2xing even 3x in your overall spending and optimizing from there to actually get your results.

It could be pretty painful in the initial days.

But as long as you’ve had some of the results in the past to back something like that up

You have a good creative production strategy and you know whatever types of creatives are going to make it.

That is something that I’ve actually seen work way better than doing this piecemeal scale day by day or week by week.

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