How Can I Pin And Unpin Post On my Instagram Profile(New Update)? How To Get More Saves On Instagram?

What Is Pin To Your Profile Mean On Instagram?

Thanks to the digital age, “pin” means more than those tiny little things that pricked your fingers in your junk drawer. 📌

Leverage The Pin Feature 📌

You can pin 3x Posts So They always pop up as the top three posts on your feed.

  • Think of this as your 30-second elevator speech.
  • What sums up your brand?
  • How do you help others?
  • What is a post that your followers will be promoted to save for future reference?
  • Pin a post that details valuable information related back to your primary service or products.
  • Do you have a photo of your team?
  • A stellar branding image or headshot of you?
  • An amazing photo of your products?
  • A photo can be powerful, so make sure you select an image that will or has stopped the scroll and encapsulates your brand.
  • Your Top Performing Posts.
  • Posts That Explain Who You Are And What You Offer.
  • Popular Reels.
  • Your Most Savable And Sharable Content.
  • Branded Partnership.
  • Whatever Makes You Look Good!

How To Pin Post On Instagram Profile:

What Are Good Ideas That Are Good To Pin?

1. Products/Services

What Does Instagram Pinning Your Post Help With?

1. Showcase Your Important Post.


“Saves Are Just Vanity Metrics”


  • Saves only shows that your content is valuable enough for your audience and that they don’t want to lose, So they’ll save it.
  • Saves are a strong indicator for the algorithm to show your content to more people
  • Helps you gain more post reach on exploring your feed.
  • Helps you grow your account, even without forcing yourself to show on reels
  1. Create an evergreen content that would always be useful to your audience
  2. Share your tips in bullet points.
  3. Stop using long paragraphs.
  4. Make sure that your headline is readable.
  5. Always tell people to save your post if that’s your content goal.



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