How to create the perfect Bio for Every Social Network? How to find your niche? why use social media?

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The first interaction your ideal audience has with your brand is through your social media profile, and they read your bio first to learn about the products and services your company provides.

Your bio should showcase not only what your company does, but also your brand’s personality. Give the messaging life and voice, and your ideal audience will be able to connect.

How to create the perfect Bio for Every Social Network

Accommodates 150 characters

Add searchable keywords like voice-over artist.

Add a summary of why people should consider using your brand.

Add a link to direct visitors to your websites or other social media platforms.

2. LinkedIn (2000 Characters):

Accommodates 2000 characters where you share your services, experience, and skills.

Make your LinkedIn bio more readable by breaking it up

Into short paragraphs of no more than a few lines each.

White space is your friend.

You should explain what your company does and why it’s unique within the industry at the core of your bio.

3. TIKTOK (80 Characters):

Has an 80-character limit, so make it short and catchy.

As Tiktok has predominantly younger audiences, adding an emoji is worthwhile.

It’s a good way to show off your brand’s identity without taking up much room in your bio.

Include a call to Action like a link to your website or your other social media platforms.

4. FACEBOOK (155 Characters):

Just like Instagram, you have a maximum of 155 Characters to get your point Across, so make every word count.

Share your company mission and be passionate about it.

Your Facebook bio should be impactful.

5. TWITTER (160 Characters):

Twitters Searchability Relies Heavily On Keywords, So you should integrate them seamlessly into your bio.

Make it fun! Twitter is possibly the funniest of all the social media platforms, so don’t be afraid to inject a little humor into your bio!

It drives engagement with your audience and makes your profile stand out.

How to find your niche?

Keep in my mind that finding your niche won’t be a quick process. This can take months or even years to find the perfect niche that fits you.

It’s all about experimenting and eventually, you will find a niche that you’re most interested in. You will find the passion for helping out businesses in a specific market.

You can’t just say that “beauty” in your niche and call it a day. It needs to be more specific like “Zero waste makeup brands” or “Mom owned vegan lip products.”

Notice how they are both in the beauty market but it’s more of a specific segment of the larger market

The market is like a piece of the pie — it’s whole. Your niche is just a portion of a slice of that pie. 🍰

After you’ve finally found your niche, you have to focus on catering your content to that targeted audience.🧍‍♀️

Some people get confused about the ideal audience and niche.

Your niche is all about providing specific solutions to a specific problem for your target audience.

There are 3 things that need to be Really Specific such as

1. What you do.

2. Whom you help and,

3. Solutions you can provide.

4 steps To find your Niche

1. Find your interest and passion.

2. List down the skill you have.

3. With your skillset, identify what problems you can solve.

4. Research your competition within the niche you choose.

4 Instagram Tactics To Unpack!

There’s a lot to think about when using Instagram to market your business and there’s more to using this platform than just posting on your feed

You can make your work a lot more balanced and you can save more time if you’re aware of these ‘tactics’ that can actually do more harm than good. Unpack them NOW before it gets really bad!

Four Instagram Tactics To Unpack!


Yes, people notice when you do this.

Feeling gets hurt.

Put yourself in that person’s Shoes-

If Someone Followed me and I’d happily follow them back.

Thought that they’d genuinely wanted to connect with me.

But a few days later…

Well, I’ll be honest, that hurts! Plus, this tactic will be of no use in the long run.


Wait. What! I get it.

Social media is a place where we can grow a community of as many people as you’d like.

But sometimes, we focus too much on building followers that we neglect the followers we already do have.

If you take the time to focus more on your audience now and create content that matters to them, it will give you more success.

Also, we can’t speak to everyone, but you can speak to the right audience that fits with your values.


There’s so much you can do with Instagram carousel posts.

Once you give the impression that your content and information will be amazing, you have to live up to that and make them swipe till the very end of the Carousel.

Make it swipe-worthy with goal-driven Content.


There are so many things wrong with buying Instagram followers.

Bought followers, but won’t engage, let alone leave a genuine comments.

Most of them are probably just bots or a fake Instagram accounts.

This gives you bad Reputation!!

When other people and real Instagram accounts come across your profile, who wants to connect with you, but they see insincere comments or even low engagement with that big following.

It leaves a bad first impression.

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Calling out women-owned businesses!!

Social media makes it accessible for women entrepreneurs to elevate their business and highlight their values as a brand

Female entrepreneurs gained the opportunity to connect with other women who are building their businesses as well

why use social media?

✦ Organically reach your target audience from around the world

✦ Share content that gives value to your audience

✦ Connect and engage with your audience to build trust

✦ Promote and grow your brand

✦ Share stories to showcase your brand values

5 SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS: (For females Entrepreneurs)


being your authentic self can attract people who relate to you the most.

Those people who relate to you can also personally develop trust with you and your brand.


To stay relevant within your niche, it’s important that you keep up with the trends. When you try out these new trends, it helps you to learn more and try out new things.

Stay on top of the latest trends and watch yourself grow and evolve.


you can share your stories and what you have personally learned and experienced to get where you are in your business.

But also helping them envision their own success in the future is what inspires them the most.

Branding is not just the logos you use or the colors, but it’s the overall identity and personality of your business.

This makes your brand memorable and it’s impactful for your audience if they know what you stand for a a brand.


Use social media to build connections with your audience and get to know them.

Asking for feedback is also very crucial because it shows that you are willing to make improvements to give the best quality of your product/Service.

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