How to restore a dead Instagram account? Mistakes You Make for Your Instagram Growth 2022

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5 min readJun 11, 2022

Does your reach drop when you take a break from Instagram?

You are not reaching the number of audiences as you should with your account.

Inconsistency is the most common problem faced by business owners when trying to grow their business online.

Even if you have a content strategy, use the right hashtags, get good engagement or be active on the platform.

Taking long breaks can affect your account drastically.

I’m Sure You Have Seen the Accounts with Frozen Engagement, Little to No Home Reach and Negative Growth.

Absolutely No Account Is Saved from Dying on Instagram.

So Even If Your Account Is Helped.

1. The First Step in Reviving an Instagram Account Is to Find Out How Exactly

Did It End Up Dying These Are the Most Common Cases of Instagram Account Debt and Targeted Bot Followers Engagement, Group Posting, Inconsistency reach of Instagram Guidelines Failing to Adapt to Customer Needs Sudden Change in Your Content and Promoting Your Products Too Frequently?

This First Step Is Extremely Important Because After Knowing What Killed Your Account.

We, Will, Know How to Revive It.

For Example: If You Used to Buy Four Words, the First Step in Reviving Your Instagram Account Would Be to Start Removing Those Bold and Fake Followers.

Whilst on the Other Hand,

The Instagram Account Died Due to Posting Inconsistency, the First Step Would Be to Start Engaging with Your Audience Once Again.

Make Sure You Create a Consistent Content Schedule

2. Finding Out When Your Account Dead.

So You Can Better Identify If You Should Actually Revive It or If You Should Create a New Account.

A General Rule of Thumb Is the Longer That an Account Has Been Dead, the Harder It Is to Revive.

It That’s Why in Some Cases It Is Better Off.

If You Just Create a New Account Because That Will Save You Time and Resources Which You Can Use to Grow It Faster Than Actually Trying to Revive Your Old Account.

3. Make The Decision How To Proceed Forward:

Making the Decision How We Should Proceed Forwards, Should We Try to Revive the Account or Should We Try to Create a New One for That Purpose.

I Have Created This Table If Eighty Percent of Your Audience Is Fake, Meaning Both Forwards Engagement Groups Mother-Child Method Etc.

Or You Have Breached the Community Guidelines of Instagram It Is Better to Create a New Account.

but If Your Account Hasn’t Used Any Forbidden Methods and It Has Died Due to Heavy Promotion Let’s Say or Inconsistent Posting.

Then You Can Try Reviving It.

If You Decided to Revive Your Instagram Account, Here Are the Steps:

That I Want You to Take Start Cleaning Your Instagram Forwards, Meaning Ghost Forwards Spam Accounts and Accounts Which Haven’t Been Around for a Long Time.

This Is Really Important Because Over Time Your Instagram Account Has Been Gaining Forwards Which Might Not Be Consistent with Your Strategy Right.

Now or Might Not Even Be Using Instagram Right.

Now in the First Place, That’s Why Cleaning Your Forward Base and Making Sure That You Give Yourself a Healthy and Nice Start Is Super Important.

Especially If You Used to Buy Fours Etc.

2. Creating a Content Bank:

I Want You Guys To Create Posts and Stories for at Least Two Weeks.

That Will Give You Enough Time When You Actually Start the Process of Reviving Your Account.

To Post Without Worrying Too Much About the Content.

That Way, You Can Focus All of Your Energy into Engaging with Your Community.

Also, This Is Super Helpful for People Who Have Nine to Five Jobs or Other Side Hustles.

Whilst at the Same Time They Are Trying to Build an Instagram Presence, Why Because of Having a Content Bank and Creating Content in Advance.

Reduces Your Stress and Helps You Be Way More Effective.

3. Start Interacting With Your Audience:

Is to Start Interacting with Your Audience Seven Days

Before You Make Your First Post I Recommend You to Start Engaging with Your Already Existing Community.

Start Posting Stories the Easiest Way Is to Do a Story Poll Inside of Instagram, to Gather Some Entries.

Then Start Jamming These People Start Interacting with Their Feeds.

Because If These People Have Seen Your Stories, Then They Most Likely Still Remember Who You Are or at Least Are Interested Enough to Learn More.

By Engaging with Them by Picking Their Interest, Even More, You Increase Your Chances of Them Engaging with Your Content.

When You Start Posting It

4 . Start Creating Content Consistency:

The Final Step in Your Revival Process Is to Start Creating and Posting Content Consistently Sooner or Later.

Instagram Will Pick Up That You Have Returned to Your Instagram Page by Posting Consistently and Having Determination.

Instagram Will Start Promoting Your Content to New Users Again, and You Will Have Successfully Revived Your Instagram Account.

Quick Tips To How can you solve this problem?

  1. Do a complete audit of your account
  2. Post consistently
  3. Use relevant keywords in hashtags
  4. Do genuine encouragement with fellow creators and the audience
  5. Update your brand.
  6. Stop doing activities that go against the community guidelines.
  7. Remove 3rd party apps.
  8. Don’t cross the Instagram limits of likes, comments and follows.

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Mistakes You Make for Your Instagram Growth 2022

Growing on Instagram Can Be a Challenging Task. It Is Not Always Easy and Not Always Hard.

Starting It with Proper Strategy and Right Training, Then Anybody Can Achieve Them ‼️

Mistakes You Make for Your Instagram Growth .

1. Not Optimized Profile:

Good Quality Profile Picture

Optimize Your Bio (who You Help, the Problem You Solve and How You Do It)

Use the Right CTA(Call to Action)

Organize an Aesthetic Pleasing Feed

2. No Niche Clarity:

Niche Is a Specific Problem That You Solve for a Particular Problem.

Use Content Pillars to Stick to a Specific Niche

When Posting, Check If It Fits Your Niche and Your Audience

Avoid Too Many Topics

3. No Specific Strategy:

Follow 20–30 Top Creators/ Influencers of Your Niche and Turn on Their Notifications.

Connect with Others in Who You are Genuinely Interested You.

Stick to Your Engagement Schedule

Stick to a Posting Schedule

Reply to All the Comments and Dms

4. Lack of Consistency:

Every Day Posting Is Not Consistency

Sticking to a Posting Schedule Regularly

Use Schedule Tool and Batch Content for 7 Days in Advance.

Do Not Give Up When You Not See Any Immediate Results.

All It Requires Patience and Consistency.

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