Why do you need an Instagram Strategy?Instagram Story Highlights You Need To Include!New Updated Instagram Checklist!

Altamash Momin
5 min readMay 28, 2022

🤔 But do you ever wonder what that actually looks like?

Why do you need an Instagram Strategy?

And Exactly What Look Like:

“It’s not enough to just create great IG content and post!

You Have To Post With Strategy!”

Is anyone else confused by what “ Instagram Strategy” Actually means?

Instagram Strategy Just Describes Doing What You Do With Intention And Purpose.

Thinking About How To Create Content On Purpose Will Helps You Save A Lot of Time And You Will Start To See Huge Results.

How To Create Your Instagram Strategy?

1. Identify Your Audience:

Your First Question Needs to Be,” Who am I making this For?”

Being specific and creating an image of your ideal Instagram followers will help you figure out what to create and, more importantly, what NOT to create.

Your Follow All have a problem they are trying to solve.

It is crucial to identify what that problem is.

You need to know your follower’s problems so you can speak to them with your content.

How Can I Help Solve Their Problems? ⮟

3. Identify How You Solve The Problem

From there, your number one goal Should Be Too:

a. Figure Out How you can provide the Solution.

b. Communicate What That Solution Is.

What Are My Content Pillars? ⮟

4. Determine Your Content Pillars:

Your Content Pillars Are 4–6 types of content that you create to solve your audience’s problems.

They can take different forms, but these should help you narrow down what content you are creating to address your Instagram follower’s problem/ Solution.

What Are My Goals? ⮟

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but simply writing down what you want to accomplish

By when and coming back to it frequently can make all the difference.

Instagram Goals are the guiding light that helps you navigate the fog of business and life.

So you end up at your desired destination.

What will my posting schedule be? ⮟

6. Create A Sustainable Posting Schedule!

The keyword here is SUSTAINABLE.

Figure out what posting schedule works for you and your life.

So you can accomplish your Instagram Goals while maintaining your peace and creativity.

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Instagram Story Highlights You Need To Include!

This should be your first IG highlight and can be done in the video( you sneaking) or using photos and text.

Share a bit about you, you are why, your background and story, and what you share/ how you offer value to your community.

If you have an offer, freebie, blog, or shop, share it here.

Include any links and benefits it would offer to your clients/customers or community.

Share client testimonials and feedback On Instagram!

This is one of the most impactful ways to sell your offer/products.

Screenshot any feedback DMS or client wins and share it On Instagram.

Include a link highlight to relevant products you share within your niche.

This could be photography equipment, style links, book recommendations, etc.

People love getting a behind-the-scenes look into your life and business.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Do a Q&A in your stories and Save it On Instagram.

You could also create a template and answer FAQs.

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New Updated Instagram Checklist!

So, do you have an Instagram checklist that you follow before the engagement hour?!?

🤔🤔🤔 Or…do you just wing it?

Today, I share with you guys the checklist that I follow when it’s time for me to do some engaging!👏🏽

Replying to Direct Messages is important!! This ensures that you are acknowledging and seeing your follower’s and viewers’ concerns and questions!! Who doesn’t love a business that responds quickly to answer any questions…or just in general check in on your client or customers???👌🏼👌🏼

👫 Engaging and also leaving true genuine comments on your Ig follower’s posts is 💎💎💎’s!!! Who doesn’t love comments?! Be true and encouraging when you comment on posts or quotes!!

😎😎 Personally, I love Instagram stories because it’s a quick and simple way to share a quick tip, special event, or even engage with your viewers. Instagram stories are filled with a lot of creative ways to get people to see or notice your brand and the many ways it can help you.

What To Post In Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are a great way for your audience to get to know you even better!

They are meant to be less polished and more REAL.

Ready to boost your story views?⚡️

There are a couple of “hacks” that work wonders every time that you can start using straight away to see a difference!

I don’t normally value quick wins or “hacks” but having used these tips myself on a daily basis since starting my business I’ve seen amazing results…

…and so have many in my community!!

1. For me, I usually take Sundays off from posting on my stories and sometimes the entire weekend!

When I’m back on Monday, my views more than double every time!

Pssst… if you’re a business or you have something to sell, this is a great thing to do the day before you launch something 🚀

Then after your 24 hours break, post a story with an interactive stickers

(E.g Poll and Quizzes)

This works wonders and the trick is to get as much engagement as you can so your stories get shown to your followers more

2. When I show my face and speak I ALWAYS get more views.

✨Make sure to include text for those who watch stories on silent!

Show your face on the first story of the day (especially if you are a personal brand)

People want to engage with people showing your face on all content gets higher engagement and views

3. Use interactive stickers

like a poll for example! I like to do this for all kinds of things not even just work-related, I’ve had people vote for what nails I should choose when I visit the salon. It’s just a great way to get people very involved in you and your biz.

Use interactive Stickers.

Give your Instagram audience a reason to engage with your story

Let them express their voice by getting them to cast a vote or have a say.

Think of it as a conversation, not a megaphone… it’s not all about you

Your stories are where your most engaged and interested community lives.

Don’t Neglect Them.

Make Sure you are prioritizing your stories so you can build a closer connection with your community!


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