Why do you need an Instagram Strategy?Instagram Story Highlights You Need To Include!New Updated Instagram Checklist!

Why do you need an Instagram Strategy?

3. Identify How You Solve The Problem

From there, your number one goal Should Be Too:

4. Determine Your Content Pillars:

Your Content Pillars Are 4–6 types of content that you create to solve your audience’s problems.

6. Create A Sustainable Posting Schedule!

The keyword here is SUSTAINABLE.

Instagram Story Highlights You Need To Include!

This should be your first IG highlight and can be done in the video( you sneaking) or using photos and text.

New Updated Instagram Checklist!

What To Post In Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are a great way for your audience to get to know you even better!

Ready to boost your story views?⚡️

There are a couple of “hacks” that work wonders every time that you can start using straight away to see a difference!

1. For me, I usually take Sundays off from posting on my stories and sometimes the entire weekend!

When I’m back on Monday, my views more than double every time!

2. When I show my face and speak I ALWAYS get more views.

✨Make sure to include text for those who watch stories on silent!

3. Use interactive stickers

like a poll for example! I like to do this for all kinds of things not even just work-related, I’ve had people vote for what nails I should choose when I visit the salon. It’s just a great way to get people very involved in you and your biz.

Use interactive Stickers.

Give your Instagram audience a reason to engage with your story



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Altamash Momin


Digital Marketer as well as Social Media Specialist, Content Writer.